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Tinkering and inventing is probably already in our genes. The motto "just do it and try it out" was put into our cradle.

Our ancestor (grandfather) Friedrich Wandel was a trained blacksmith. Out of the misery of the war and post-war period, he repeatedly forged new ideas, tried them out and put them into practice. These qualities as well as the love of metal were passed on to son Ernst. In his workshop, we 4 brothers were able to tinker and screw from an early age. 

Good ideas often began to mature in our heads, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday (professional) life we lacked the capacity to make them grow.

That should change now. Gustav Werner already knew: "What does not become action has no value!"

The FRIEDRICH think tank offers our ideas the necessary infrastructure to put them into practice and market them.

We offer highly innovative products in various areas. We bundle the know-how from our current fields of activity and use the resources that are already available.

Vom Problem zur Idee

The idea for the VELOLIFT came about while cleaning up  in your own garage. At the end of December 2020, the garage should be equipped with hooks for the bikes, whereupon my wife intervened. "Every time lifting the bike upside down on the hook?? Not for me."


Another solution is needed here!


The idea of VELOLIFT was born.

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